" Many a little makes a mickle " with HASAMI


WEB many little makes a mickle

Thomas-san who lives in Heidelberg bought one of my paintings ( Chameleon! ) a few years ago
- and he has a company called HASAMI dealing with professional Japanese hair scissors in Europe.

He got inspired by my Neo-Japonism concept and interested in collaboration.
And I would be very happy to work with him in a new line of collection, 
harmonizing with neo-japonism painting images....

Winterpostkarte web 

They picked this painting which I have done on 2010
for their winter greeting cards to their clients.
I think it is a nice cool idea!! ARIGATO*

And he and his friends in Heibelberg also organized and founded an association called 
KOPF HOCH JAPAN! to support and to help victim of 3.11. 
They organize the benefit concerts and cultural days in order to
support the future of victims. 
I would also like to take a part in benefit activities
like selling calligraphy names for the guests....
Here is also link to his company

I sincerely support those people and children of 3.11
who keeps on pulling themselves up every single day since that day.


I would say so loud to them that there is so many compassionate people around the world 
(who Japanese media does not report!!)

 they also keep concerning and supporting their future 
Ganbatte!!& Love


Many a little makes a mickle


オオキク ヤサシク

シナヤカデ マッスグナ

アナタガ ダイスキデス


Who is

grand and kind

soft and direct!?

- Love, to you


Many a little makes a mickle

Japanese ink and Gouache on handmade paper, 70x90cm

2010 Rie Takeda





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