Neo-Japonism / ART : ( Forest spirit ) lamps from NENDO


I have seen this lamp collection at Saatchi's the top floor design gallery.
I was totally fascinated by those small lights- they seemed really alive!

You can see the fine craftsmanship and care for the materials,
and calculated design composition.

And they reminded me of MIYAZAKI's forest spirit in the film * Spirited Away*

- Playful, positive, clean, warm, calm, heartful -

I found those elements above very often in contemporary Japanese design.

This work is from the Japanese design office called NENDO,
they are based in Milano and Tokyo.
The main guy : OKI SATO ( a Japanese born in Canada, later educated in Japan)
Here is Nendo's concept below. 


Giving people a small " ! " moment.
There are so many small " ! " moments hidden in our everyday.

But we don’t recognize them.
and even when we do recognize them,we tend to unconsciously reset our
minds and forget what we’ve seen.

But we believe these small " ! " moments are what make our days so
interesting, so rich.

That’s why we want to reconstitute the everyday by collecting and
reshaping them into something that’s easy to understand.

We’d like the people who’ve encountered nendo’s designs to feel these
small " ! " moments intuitively.

That’s nendo’s job.



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