A secret place SUSHI SAY


Rediscovering the pure Japanese skill and taste with Sashimi.

Well well well
many people might know already that the Sushi-Say
is a very authentic restaurant in London,
- specially famous for their pure genuine quality of Sashimi & Sushi and naturally other dishes.
I used to work in their kitchen department  as a student, and I stll do love the dishes there.

A secret hidden place for pleasure hunters!
I must honestly say -  as a Japanese from north Hokkaido region
I surely tasted sooo many soo delicious fresh Sashimis and Sushis.
But Oyakata's magic skills and experience do make so fine tasty slices of fish, it is amazing.
His Sashimi is one of the best ones I have tasted.

Just wanna have his Sashimi mix plate "OMAKASE".
I should wait till I go there in summer time!

If you go, just enjoy the taste with whole your senses!

And naturally  take a plesure looking at my new paintings too.

Happi spring days!




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