My favorite photo from SHOMEI TOMATSU


               ©SHOMEI TOMATSU

This is one of my all the time favorite photos.

She is called Eiko Oshima ( not sure if she is related to Directer Oshima)
A shot is done for a Japanese film * SHIIKU *- THE CATHER in English tittle by Directer Oshima in 1961.
The book is originally from Kenzaburo Oe.

First time I saw this photo was in London at some exhibitions or catalogues..it was just striking!
I just could not forget the impression of this photo, but I could not find a good poster.

And only a few years ago I came across her again at my friend's flat actually on the door,
looking at me in the size of 1m x1.8m! So huge! That was a poster from an exhibition at Zurich Museum.
I called the Museum shop, - it was indeed sold out!!!

At the end, as my friend did a removal, he gave me the poster!! Huuuuh! I was so happy, Arigato!
So it is framed and now displayed in the dining room.

It has never made me bored so far, it always give me many *Discoveries* each time When i look at this photo.
It has such a depth in many ways.

His photos have such a unique way of capturing light and shadow!

- very beautiful-



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