英 Calligraphy workshop at Friday Late, V&A in London


Friday Late: Neo Nipponica

Victoria & Albert Museum in London

From 18.30 to 22.00

On Friday.27.May

News for my dear Londoners!

I am going to give a calligraphy-session as a part of Friday-Late: 

"Neo Nipponica" at the V&A on Friday the 27th.May.

Come and try! I hope to see you all!!

Subversive SHODO at the V&A
-workshop at:


More details, please read through below!!

friday late va 

Subversive SHODO at the V&A  ( Friday-Late ) in London
Japanese Calligraphy Workshop with Rie Takeda 
Featuring the poetry of Akiko Yosano “Tangled Hair”(1901)

There will be three sessions throughout the evening.
I start with the presentation, calligraphy-ing one of the Akiko Yosano's Tanka poems (Tangled Hair)
And participants can try out some basic calligraphy techniques and move to practising the calligraphy text featuring the poem.
After the session, participants can keep their own calligraphy.

*Experience in Japanese calligraphy is not necessary. Each participant from beginner to advanced level can discover and experience the essence of Shodo the art of Japanese calligraphy. 
The Participants can learn to focus on bringing the balance of mind and body together as well as a one's individual mindfulness process by special designed practices. So students can learn little by little how to concentrate on their own Qi flow, conduct and apply it with brush and ink onto paper.

​Scheduled workshop times :

- max: 12 people at each session
- one session is approx. 45min
- text and materials are prepared
- sign-in workshop at the door: entry free* places are designated on a first come, first served basis. 
- please ask the museum staff, which room the calligraphy workshop takes place


Victoria and Albert Museum
Cromwell Road 

General enquiries
Tel: +44 (0)20 7942 2000
Email: contact@vam.ac.uk

Info via my Shodo site:

Facebook event calendar from V&A:



書 Workshop in Bad Säckingen


I hope you are enjoying autumn colours and shapes…

I would just like to remind you of next calligraphy workshop in Bad Säckingen on Sunday the 25th.October.
It is a great location for those who lives in Switzerland, South West Germany and France Alsace.
If you are interested in taking part, please send a mail to :

info@djg-nagai-saeckingen.de or Tel 07761-55 38 502

Happy Practice!

Here is more detailed info in German. The workshop can be in English/German/Japanese languages. Next monthly workshop in Bad Säckingen is on Sunday the 22nd.November.

MY SHODO BLOG: https://shodocalligraphy.wordpress.com/2015/10/23/workshop-in-bad-sackingen/


SHODO Kalligraphie Workshops 2015 in Bad Säckingen

Das Thema am 25.Oktober ist “Goldene Herbst”

Es sind dazu keine Vorkenntnisse notwendig, vom Anfänger bis zum Fortgeschrittenen kann jeder die Quellen von japanischer Kalligraphie entdecken und erlernen. In einer speziell erarbeiteten Methode lernen die Teilnehmer eine Balance zwischen Geist und Körper, eine erhöhte Achtsamkeit im Umgang mit Atmung und Körpergleichgewicht.

So erfahren Sie dabei auch, sich auf den eigenen Qi Fluss zu konzentrieren und diesen dann mit Pinsel und Tusche auf Papier zu bringen. Diese Erfahrung lässt Sie dem Alltags Gedankenstress entfliehen und zu einer inneren Ruhe finden.

♧ Workshops mit Rie Takeda

♧ Termine: Sonntag nachmittags

♧ Zeit: 14:00 bis 16:00 (mit einer Kaffeepause)

♧ Gebühr: 18,-Euro pro Nachmittag

♧ Materialien und Texte: alles inklusive und vorbereitet. (Tuschstein und Pinsel können mitgebracht werden.)

♧ Maximal: 12 Personen

♧ Anfänger bis Fortgeschrittene

♧ Ort: Bad Säckingen, Haus Fischerzunft, Fischergasse 12

♧ Bitte melden Sie sich an für den Workshop unter info@djg-nagai-saeckingen.de oder Tel 07761-55 38 502 Organisiert undgesponserte von Deutsch-Japanischen Gesellschaft Freundeskreis Nagai http://www.djg-nagai-saeckingen.de

♧ Rie Takeda’s Kalligraphie Website : http://www.shodokalligraphie.com

展 Exhibition: Opening party on Sunday the 29th.June at 15.30


Hi everyone! 

Hope you are enjoying the summerly heat and the smell of rain drops.

I would like to update you that there will be my solo exhibition in Freiburg, Germany

from this Sunday the 29th.June to the 21st.September 2014.

Why don't you pop in and relax in beautiful nature?!


Neo-Japonism & Kalligraphie
29. Juni - 21. September 2014

Neo-Japonism“Painted Poems”collection
und Kalligraphie Werke

* Vernissage am Sonntag, den 29. Juni 2014 von 15.30 bis 17.30 Uhr *

Öffnungszeiten :
Freitag, Samstag, Sonn- und Feiertage 10 – 18 Uhr

Ort : Seminarhaus am Schoenberg, 
Zechenweg 6
79111 Freiburg
 Tel. 0761.48 978 599

MAP : http://goo.gl/maps/DCamG


Seminarhaus is at the feet of Schoenberg mountain directly at the forest.

It is such a nice place to be and relax.

You can go for a walk, your kids can play around in the playgrund and the woods too!!






展 A current exhibition in London, March - June 2014


- A current exhibition in London -

A collection of Neo-Japonism
" Painted Poem " series from RIE TAKEDA

      Limited Edition Prints & Original Works
March 2014 - June 2014

Finally I present you some info!

Mosty my limited edition fine art prints from painted poem series
( inspired by spring-summer time ) and an original work are shown.

After a period of classic SHO calligraphy works,
they seem very refreshing and colour-energetic in the space.

I would be very happy if you visit the venue,
and enjoy the art works as well as the best Sashimi in town!!
Wish you a positive flow for your senses.



Japanese restaurant

33B Walm lane
London NW2 5SH

Mondays & Tuesdays closed




Thank you very much for coming to the Bach & Calligraphy concert on Sunday!

I just would like to inform you that the amount of 370,-euro is

donated to SAVE THE CHILDREN JAPAN -11.March Child Protection and Recovery Program.

We thank you for your compassion and help.



I will update some pics from the Bach & Calligraphy concert soon!!

Invitation to the benefit organ concert - Bach and Japanese calligraphy -


fukunoitami Poster official

Hello Konnnichiwa everyone,

I would like to invite you to the benefit organ concert :

"fukuno itami, poetic voice and pictures" 

Organ works from J.S. Bach and Japanese calligraphy

Calligraphy by Rie Takeda

Organ, Otto Haizmann

Sunday, 17. March. 18.00
Markuskirche, Almendweg,  Freiburg, 79110

Free entry, donations are given to the victims of 11/3 

Liebe Freunde, Schüler und Musik & Kunst Liebhaber,

nun würde ich euch und eure Freunde gerne zum Benefiz Orgel Konzert mit Japanischer Kalligraphie
am Sonntag 17. März um 18 Uhr in der Markuskircheeinladen.


Bach und japanische Kalligraphien in der Markuskirche
Unter dem Titel "fukuno itami, poetische Stimmungen und Bilder" spielt am Sonntag 17. März um 18.00  Otto Haizmann in der Markuskirche Freiburg ( Seepark, Nähe Westbad, Buslinie 10 ) ein Orgelkonzert mit Werken von J.S. Bach. Dazu werden eigens für das Programm gestaltete Kalligraphie der japanischen Künstlerin Rie Takeda gezeigt und erläutert.

"fukuno itami, poetische Stimmungen und Bilder" 
Poetische Stimmungen und Bilder mit Orgelwerken von J.S. Bach 
und Japanische Kalligraphie von Rie Takeda

Otto Haizmann, Orgel

 ♬Sonntag, 17. März 18.00

Markuskirche, Freiburg

Almendweg 79110 

Seepark, Nähe Westbad、Buslinie 10, 

Eintritt frei, 

um eine freiwillige Spende für die Erdbebenopfer 3/11 in Japan wird gebeten.


Sunday 22.April - Finissage of INK IN ART exhibition


Hi everyone!

I would like to inform you all that there is a finissage of  " INK IN ART " exhibition

 on this Sunday the 22nd. April from 10.30 to 12.00am.

It would be great if you could pop by for the last viewing!!


INK IN ART 02.03-22-04.2012

Finissage Sunday.22.04.2012 at 10.30 ( till 12.00 am )

Galerie 4e
Riegeler Straße 4e, 79111 Freiburg 


My online shop has just opened!


Finally I have just started listing my art works in my atelier shop!
I will be listing most of my art works during the next weeks.
 Giclee art prints are for sale at the moment.
Original calligraphy works will follow too!!

Keep your eyes on new updates!!



Future, Mirai-Josephine is here.


                                                                                             5days old

On Sunday, 3rd July, 7:49 am Mirai-Josephine was born. 3200 g, 50 cm -
we both are healthy and happy -
looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Mirai is the Japanese word- means * infinite future *

ARIGATOU! SHOUNEN * Benefit Calligraphy for SAVE THE CHILDREN Japan


I did the benefit calligraphy on Kodomonohi ( spring children's day ) this month.
I made specially designed name-calligraphy for many people.
I would like to note that
I donated around 50 euro to the SAVE THE CHILDREN Japan.
The money will be used for mental care & support of children who lost families in damaged area in TOHOKU.

I thank you very much for your compassion and empathy.




Zen word, Right Mindfulness

One of the noble eight fold paths
Keeping the mind alert to phenomena
that affect the body and mind.

Ink on paper, 40x50cm, 2010


My interpretation :
The right mindfulness is the balanced focus on
body, feelings, mind and mental qualities - both * in and of * four elements.
SHOUNEN could be one of the most positive energy indeed we can practice and develop.


NEWS- A new collection at Sushi-Say in London from 28th.July





Summer to Autumn 2010



Yes -  all the new paintings are happily finished now!
Photographs are taken, frames are here.
So I am going to do the framing job for the new collection this week.
Do I like the new ones?!
Yes- I do! - They look summerly light and also very dynamic!
There are some works I experimented first time with the dimensional form of calligraphy.
I really wanted try to display the maximum effect both in visual and context from yet minimalistic calligraphy lines.
I must say it worked very well.
I am happy with the outcome!!

Please pop in and have a nice look!
I hope you will enjoy them too.
Happy hot days.


Here is the exhibition info:

A new collection of Painted Poems by Rie Takeda
Summer to Autumn 2010

33B Walm Lane, London
NW2 55H
 Willesden green / Jubilee line
Monday and Tuesday closed

! The prices are exclusively reserved only for the preview at the Sushi-Say in London till November 2010.