酉 The year of the Roosters 2017


How did you start your 2017?!

The year of Monkey was a quite restless and messy one,  loads of changes happened in the world - around us.

Let us hope that the kind Roosters will bring us some peace and harmony.

This year,  the Chinese zodiac new year starts on the 28th. Jan.

The Sylvester is on Friday the 27th.

I give myself a second chance to start the year this week,  so I could property leave some monkeys behind and welcome the Roosters....

I wish you all a healthy joyful year 2017!



児 Kids Calligraphy


My daughter started playing and painting with the calligraphy brush since maybe she was just about to be two.

I placed the water calligraphy at the corner of my atelier,  so that she could paint or pretend calligraphy-ing whenever she wanted. It was so practical and useful for my lessons too, so this water calligraphy-set is still there,  in the same place.

Since last winter,  I began to teach her the art of Shodo.

Less playing,  less scribbling.

She does have fun with the circle practice and some Kanji practice.


Most importantly,  she enjoys the calligraphy hour from moment by moment.

I hope we will keep on...

書 Sanshotai, three calligraphy styles


My morning calligraphy routine became so precious to me.

These two hours with a cup of green tea and incense...

It is my meditation, calligraphy practice and gives me a deep joy and pleasure.

書 Sanshotai "Stones"


My morning calligraphy routine still continues...

I offten do the Sanshotai practise,  the three calligraphy styles.

- Stone(s)

- Ishi,  seki

春 Spring and morning calligraphy


Have you enjoyed the beautiful Sakura cherry blossoms?

Or perhaps you are still viewing them?

I've restarted my morning calligraphy practice since March again.

It is my most precious luxurious 2 hours!

I wake up at 5 am and calligraphy* - purely meditative, quiet and still.

This mindful process makes me so clear and calm.

I normally start with Sanshotai practice.

"The three calligraphy-style learning"

Right: *Kaisho-block style

Middle: *Gyosho-semi cursive style

Left: *Sosho-cursive style

I keep on doing this practice and update the pics

on instagram almost daily..so that many Shodo learners 

and art interested could get inspired.

Here is the link to my instagram;

Enjoy those lovely spring colours!!



Calligraphy art works for KYUDO association



Just finished the commissioned calligraphy pieces for KYUDO ( the way of Japanese Archery )

Association in Freiburg.

I have not worked with natural wood for a little while

- So I had so much pleasure to get the organic woody feeling again.

I also like the way how the Sumi ink slowly walk into the wood- solid, thick and earthy

totally opposite to that on fine calligraphy papers.

I wish I had more time to work on my own project with objects and wooden pieces....




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New SHO calligraphy collection for Londoners!



done and off you go to London!!

london sho


6 new Sho works are ready for London exhibition.

I did four Zen-calligraphy inspired pieces.

The image I had in my soul and mind was.... warm solitude, inner trust & strength, 

and an infinite spiritual connection with cosmos around.

And this time I made two modern Hen-Kana pieces with my own poems.

They are meant to be displayed between thick calligraphy works.

I am quite happy with the out come- and they looked good together on the wall!

All of them are done by a same big KAKIZOME calligraphy brush!! 


White snakes and a happy Chinese new year!!


Here comes another celebration again!

Wish you all a beautiful Chinese new year!!

Yes,-Spring will be soon with us-

( Sorry! I am little late to post those white snakes because of my bad long cold!! )


This is the calligraphy I got really inspired 

by this photo - the couple of wonderful white snakes from 
HAKUJA shrine in Japan

and the old story of white snakes.

White snake symbolizes not only the bright prosperity but also a long healthy life.

The inspiration was :

Slow elegant Enso-Dance of the white snakes-

Calligraphy dance to the light of enso-

Circling up to the infinite sky-


" HAKUJA - white snakes to the sky - "

Ink on paper, 50x60cm, 2013


Tower of " NEN " mindfulness


tower of nen

Just finished 26 pieces of ordered calligraphy.
They will be given to students as special certificate in MBSR school.
Yes, I put my right mindfulness into each one of them.
Each "NEN" here is an individual piece of art.


RYOUHI´Flying Dragon


Every year when I do Kakizome in New year,
I indulge myself to look for a word that consists of the Kanji of the year
and the meaning I like.

This year I found RYOUHI.
I immediately like the visual combination of two Kanjis, and
a moment later I was already air-brushing the Qi of those characters.
So I followed my visual sketch and practiced till I got the exact flow.

Here I come with the flying Dragon!

I guess I am going to enjoy my ride with the dragon this year!

                       ©RIE TAKEDA

ink on paper, 50x60cm

meaning goes:

1, flying Dragon
2, describes mountain shape spreading horizontal and looking mystic
3, A hero becomes active after a waiting period
4, the of using brush is very lively and vivid


A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 with KAKIZOME " RYUNOBORI "the climbing Dragon




Enjoy the year of the Dragon!


ryunobori 1 web
"RYU NOBORI" climbing Dragon by RIE TAKEDA

KAKIZOME is the first calligraphy of the year.
Traditionally it is done on the 2nd of January.

This year is the Dragon!!
And also I am born in the year of Dragon.
So I have collected my all the positive Qi and
done Kakizome with " RYU NOBORI - Climbing Dragon"


I made a wish on it, so I could fly up to the sky together with the Dragon!


KIZUNA and a merry merry Christmas!!


Hi everyone!

Wish you all a nice an
d heartful Christmas !!

with warmest regards



*kizuna2 72


spiritual bond between people, nature, universe
spirituelle Verbindung zwischen Menschen,
der Natur und dem Universum

ink on paper, 40x50cm, 2011



Shown at the Freiburg exhibition

ZEN word, KISSAKO ‘ Have a cup of tea ! ’


You might have seen the KISSAKO calligraphy
In Japanese Tea house, Ryokan hotel, shop, tea room, or maybe in a good restraint.
Specially it is very popular for SADO tea ceremony room.
The philosophy goes also for the person who makes and offers a cup of tea.

It reflects :
Whenever we make a cup of tea
one should just purely focus our body, feeling, mind and spirit on MAKING the tea
and offering it with full-heart to our guests.
- So the tea will taste good, make the guest calm and relaxed or warm,
and make them feel a momnet of joy-

This Zen philosophy became a pure practiced hospitality in Japan.

Would you like a cup of tea?!


‘ Have a cup of tea ! ’

This Zen word includes the Zen teaching of enriching life.
Whenever we have a sip of tea,
one should just enjoy the taste of sip,
and feel the life - energy and space in mind.

Ink on paper, 50x60cm, 2010


*MU* Japanese Calligraphy


Mu is for me so important to be myself and to be in harmony.
And it is the basic state of mind in order to learn and do calligraphy -
also to collect a focused inspiration and creative energy!!



Transparent calm mind,
free from thoughts and disturbances.
It means our infinite worthful
human life - activity itself.

Ink on paper, 40x40cm, 2010


SHODO Calligraphy work * ZANMAI *


This Zen word - ZANMAI - also means ZAZEN sitting meditation.
Nowadays we use this word more as : being into something, indulge in something.

I try to meditate everyday even for a short period of time like 15 min. just in order to clean the filter in me.
And I become fulfilled with just playfully indulging in meditation, detaching from egoistic mind!

Why not?!

                                                                                                                            RIE TAKEDA


Zen word,
To let your mind focus on one thing
and let the mind grow with harmony -
that can affect to clean away the egoistic mind.

Ink on paper, 40x50cm, 2010


At the moment it is shown at the exhibition in Freiburg.